Learn to create textile sculpture.

Replenish your energy.
Reduce stress.
Reclaim your inner artist.
Learn step by step
create with your hands
stimulate your imagination

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Why take courses with us?

Learn at your own pace

Courses include short videos and pdf patterns that allow you to learn whenever you want to.

Tackle engaging projects

Learn to make a 3D insect, embroider on your clothes, create botanical accessories and more!

Cultivate playfulness

Yes, adults need to play! Constructive play reduces stress, improves memory, gets your creative juices flowing, boosts your self-esteem.

Hone your artistic style

As you master the techniques and experiment with fabrics, threads, colors and textures, you will refine your craftsmanship and strengthen your own artistic expression.

What our learners say about us

Excellent, easy to follow instructions and great creative possibilities!
Julie M.
A textile project: I really enjoyed making this moth! I made the blue one first and it's keeping me company in my studio. It's a great project for reusing/repurposing, scraps, etc.
Flora P.

Get your free pdf pattern and make a moth (or two) from fabric scraps.

Thank you!
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Frequently asked questions

How do I know  which courses are right for me?

You can choose courses by level of experience: beginner, confident beginner, intermediate, etc. Then select a course at your level that has techniques you want to learn and projects that light you up! As your confidence and experience  grow, you'll be able to take a course at any level.

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

Our focus is on helping you get into the 'play state' where you will feel less stressed. So  that you can enjoy where you are in the moment. As you experiment with materials, you'll stimulate your imagination, and refine your artistic expression. When you feel joy, that joy will ripple out into the world through the people you interact with. Our other goal is to help save the planet by decreasing the textile waste that goes into landfills. We create awareness of this problem in our courses by offering projects that are built around upcycling, re-using, repurposing, sourcing fabrics by swapping or buying at second-hand shops.

Will I have to purchase special tools and materials?

If you've been sewing for a while, you certainly have the basic supplies. Some courses do require a sewing machine. If you're a beginner taking an embroidery course, you may need to invest in some tools and supplies such as floss, a hoop, needles and stabilizer. The supplies & tools list for each course is available to view before you purchase the course, so there are no surprises.

What if I don't yet have a fabric stash? How can I get started? 

Your fabric collection will grow over the years, but a couple of ways to begin: check your local upholstery shops and ask if they have any expired fabric catalogs they'd give away, or a bag of scraps lying around. Some upholstery shops give away free samples of certain fabrics. One local shop near me sells beautiful leftover fabrics from 1 to 5€. You can also check local second-hand shops where you'll be sure to find linens such as tablecloths, napkins, sheets, quilts, drapes, sheer curtains, and more. Wash them before using, and they will be like new! Another idea: try your family and friends. Your mom or your aunt might have some fabric hidden away in the closet or attic that they never got around to using. Once you put out the word that you are a sewist looking to build a fabric stash, you'll begin to receive spontaneous donations!

Why are your prices in euros?

We are located in Europe and our business is registered there, so we set our prices in euros. Use this currency converter to estimate the price in your currency: xe currency exchange rates
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