Would you like to learn to make objects with needle and thread?


You will learn embroidery, a few stitches at a time, with motivating projects.

Textile Sculpture

Learn to sculpt in fabric, making wire armatures, embroidering on your work, using appliqué, beading and more.

Your Inner Artist

Our main goal is to get you into the flow state where you can relax, replenish your energy and get to know your inner artist.

Our Planet Earth

We place a high priority on reducing textile waste by offering projects that use repurposed fabrics.

Meet our instructors

This mother-daughter team brings you their love of and experience in textile art, illustration, embroidery and sculpture.    

My goal in life is to reduce textile waste, so I buy my clothes at second-hand shops, spend weekends mending jeans and embroidering cool motifs like golden rainbows and fluffy woolen clouds on my latest thrifted top.
My superpower is drawing new embroidery designs like portraits of my family and friends, skulls, llamas, Monstera leaves and of course, cats.

Geneva Jacquemond

When I’ve got needle, thread and fabric in my hands, my heart beats slower, the surroundings become a blurry background as my fingers work stitch by stitch by stitch until my project is the center of the universe.
I try to get a little relaxing play time into each day with needle and thread, or my Crayolas, drawing stag beetles or coloring in my botanical coloring book.

Laura Jacquemond

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Allow yourself to be enticed by our inspiring courses!

Learn to embroider, sculpt in fabric and most of all relax, enjoy yourself and get to know your inner artist
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